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Cikcilli, Alanya

About Cikcilli

Alanya comprises of several autonomous areas, Cikcilli being one of them. It is situated app. 5 km eastern from the Alanya city centre, which is easily accessible by public Cikcilli Alanya buses. In Cikcilli you can stil find groves of orange and olive trees and observe everyday life of local people. Thank to close cooperation with Alanya municipality Cikcilli´s infrastructure and services are improving very fast year by year. Many fine apartment complexes has been built in Cikcilli Alanya. The area has become a favourite residential area for foreign property owners in Alanya. Generally, the apartments in Cikcilli are designed with generous space between buildings preserving mediterranean gardens in the complexes. When living in Cikcilli, in your neighbourhood you will find a supermarket, local market once a week and several local businesses such as Oba Ekmek – a bakery where you can get a hot breat to your table every morning. We...

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Vesta Park - SOLD OUT!