Real estate in Alanya, Turkey


Below you will find the answers to most frequently asked questions. If you can't find your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Property ownership in Turkey can be obtained by foreign nationals (real persons) as well as foreign companies following the bilateral agreements between countries and legal framework for property ownership in Turkey.  Both Turkish and foreign owners have equal property-ownership rights quaranteed by law. With exception of citizens from Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Cuba and Nigeria all foreigners can buy properties in Turkey.

Foreigners can get residence permit for 1 year subject to renewal with presence of title deed until the owned property is sold or the ownership otherwise terminated. 

No, having residence permit is not obligatory to purchase a property in Turkey.

If you think buying a real estate in Turkey is a difficult process, you may have been given wrong information. Although the process can vary from the one in your country, it is relatively straightforward and easy. When purchasing our apartments or villas in Alanya we will of course follow up all the official requirements on your behalf.

All our properties are freehold type. The ownership is declared by Title Deed (called Tapu in Turkish) which is issued in your name.

The whole purchase process until receiving the title deed takes 2-3 days to 1 week depending on how busy the Title Deed & Cadastral Directorate office is. In case there are extraordinary circumstances for purchase process of a specific property that proplongs the purchase period and issuance of the title deed you will of course be notified about this matter prior to the presentation of the said property.

Our portfolio consists of residential properties. These include apartment and villa complexes built by ETU Homes that meet all European standards, are architecturally challenging and equipped with all modern conveniences. Naturally, all the projects are located in beautiful locations of Alanya.

Of course, it is possible to see the properties before you decide about purchasing and we recommend you to do so. There is no better way how to gain authentic impression about the project, the area and its ambiance. Here you can find more about our inspection trip.

Except for the financing options in your country, it is possible to finance a property in Turkey with a mortgage from a Turkish bank. There are several Turkish banks which enable foreigners to apply for a mortgage and we may offer you our assistance on this matter. Please also ask for our own in-house financial solutions/options.

To your best convenience, we always discuss the payment options and set a customized payment plan for each individual purchase. The plan mostly enables to divide the purchase price into several partial payments during the time of purchase process. The first deposit is usually taken at the time of signing the contract and the last one by rule at the title deed delivery.

As buying a home abroad is a long-term commitment, you should first of all choose a high-quality property to buy. Since 1994 we have provided an enjoyable holiday home in Alanya to hundreds of satisfied customers who have put their trust in us. After you decide to purchase any of our properties in Alanya, all details of purchase as well as payment plan are agreed and written down in a sales contract. At this stage you may need to pay a deposit in line with the content of the contract.

To begin with we visit the local tax office in order to obtain a personal tax number for you. This is the only place where you need to meet up in person.

Later we recommend you to grant a Power of Attorney to us that gives us the authority to act on your behalf in the matter of the property purchase. The PoA is to be prepared and issued by the local Notary Public or you can get it issued in your own country including apostille stamp and send to us. It enables us to follow all formalities along the buying process withouth you having to be present all the time. Following the agreed payment plan, you transfer money to our account. Please know that our properties are generally paid for in Euro currency. It can be paid in cash or transferred from a bank account in your country. In latter case purchase price and bank charges for the transfer have to be born by you as well. Finally the purchase process is completed and you are delivered your title deed of the property you purchased. With the very same power of attorney we also make sure that the water and power subscriptions are made with the respective suppliers in your name.

Once you choose your desired apartment or villa in Alanya, we will need to receive

  • 2 sets of copies of your passport for necessary applications,
  • your tax number in Turkey which we help you to obtain and
  • 4 passport format photos (taken within last 6 months and 6x4 cm) of you.

ETU Homes will collect and provide rest of the documents and services that are required such as 

  • Translation of your passport,
  • Property Value Statement document from Alanya Municipality,
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for the property subject to purchase *,
  • A certified interpreter to translate during the transaction in the Title Deed Directorate office.

In case the transaction is to be performed with a power of attorney, it shall either be issued at a Turkish notary public or by the Turkish embassies or consulates abroad. Please be aware that power of attorneys issued by a notary public of a foreign country, shall bear "Apostille".

* According to Turkey's Earthquake Hazard Map published on March 18, 2018 by the Turkish Disaster & Emergency Management Authority, Alanya is classified as being located in one of the lowest risk zones of Turkey.



Generally there are several expenses applied to a property purchase in Turkey. They are the title deed duty (4 % of the stated property value), utilisation permit (Iskan, from 350 euro depending on the size and location of the property) for first time buyers of new developments, electricity and water subscription (aprx. 200 euro once), registration fee at the Title Deed and Cadastral Registry Office (aprx. 30 euro). When buying any of our apartments or villas in Alanya, we will inform you about the exact amounts of the expenses mentioned above. This way you clearly know from the beginning how much your holiday home in Turkey will cost you.

With our properties you do not have to wait until your title deed is delivered to move in and enjoy your holiday home in Turkey. You may move in as soon as the first payment is made in case the construction is finished. If the construction is still going on you can move in as soon as the it is completed and the general utilisation permit is issued.

There are only restrictions in rural areas in terms of size limitation of land and total ban in military and security zones. There are no restrictions imposed in any of ETU Homes developments.

Except of foundations, associations etc. foreign commercial corporations can buy property in Turkey within the provisions and limitations of three Turkish private laws, namely Turkish Petroleum Law Nr. 6491, Law on Encouragement of Tourism Nr. 2634 and Law on Industrial Zones Nr. 4737.

ETU Homes can of course assist you, should your company wish to acquire properties in Turkey.

Yes, if you wish to invest in Turkish properties through a corporate entity in Turkey ETU Homes can help you to establish a local Turkish company and introduce to you the relevant service providers.

ETU Homes can introduce a list of competent English speaking lawyers to you anytime you should wish.

Maintenance charges vary between 600 – 2.200 Euro per annum from development to development, whether the object is an apartment or villa and of course depending on size & facilities. You will naturally be informed about the amount prior to your purchase.

There is the annual state property tax and municipal environmental cleaning tax. However, the rates are relatively low and accumulates mostly to around 100-150 Euro all together.

Sure, ETU Homes can assist you to insure your property at most favourable conditions and rates.

Yes, of course. Your property in Alanya will receive great demand during the high season of April to October for short term lease on daily or weekly basis. However, you can still rent out during the winter months or all year around at lower average rates.

ETU Homes strongly recommends that you confer with a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) regarding Turkish capital income tax issues.

ETU Homes offers furnishing packages. Besides, ETU Homes also assists you to furnish your apartment or villa in Alanya without any extra cost to you as we can visit the furniture dealers that suit your style.