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Alanya Shipyard

Alanya Shipyard

Posted on 03 Jan 2019

Alanya Shipyard; It is not only a shipbuilding or winter accommodation but also a permanent shipyard with iron works, administrative and warehouse areas where repairs, sailing and ship equipment can be made. Permanent shipyards serve two purposes. The first is to allow the construction of big boats in the winter period, and the second is the harbor of unused boats. In the winter period, the ships' shelters were provided for the galleys by all the Mediterranean countries, since leaving the ships in the open reduced their life. However, Alanya shipyard was offering more.

The Mediterranean coast was always in danger. Enemy navies or pirates were looking for strategic places that would provide great commercial benefits. Alanya had such a position and provided a suitable environment to protect against invading enemy attacks as part of a two-tower complex within the walls.

Piri Reis's Kitab-─▒ Bahriye (beginning of the 16th century) provides information about the city, the shipyard complex and the port. It is told that the shipyard was under the permanent supervision of an Commander-in-Chief / Naval Forces Commander; after the Seljuks, Karamanogullari and Alaiye Chieftains who dominated Alaiye continued the shipyard activities and during the Ottoman period ships were built here.