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Only one color every year

Only one color every year

Posted on 04 Mar 2021

Pantone Color Institute, which chooses only one color every year, has chosen two different colors for 2021 this year; ultimate gray and vivid yellow!

It symbolizes the two ends that the whole world has recently lived in and continues to live for now. On the one hand, Ultimate Gray represents strength, hardness and stability just like rocks, and Illuminating, which represents brightness, optimism and softness like the sun on the other hand. This color, which is determined as a soft shade of yellow, symbolizes hope and happiness that exists in spite of everything. It also makes a small reference to all the moments that make you smile even in the darkest moments. This color, which is among the most familiar shades of gray, seems to evoke pessimism, but draws attention as a symbol of not giving up, perseverance and being durable. Although Ultimate gray is a color that most people prefer in home designs, most of us do not dare to use its vibrant yellow color. However, we can use vibrant colors in small accessories and add vitality to the space we live in. You can design properties in Alanya, young and children's rooms, villas in Alanya, and make small touches in your bathrooms and kitchens, apartments in Alanya.